This joiner pictured would benefit from an electric pallet jack.

Why a Joinery Business May Want to Invest in an Electric Pallet Jack

As a joiner, you will have spent your working life investing in the right tools in order to provide a high-quality finish for your clients. However, the manual labour involved in your line of work can often put a strain on your body, in particular, your back and neck. Pain can develop for many joiners due to tasks like heavy lifting or moving machinery from A to B. Although an electric pallet jack is most often used in industries like warehousing or storage, we feel that it could ultimately benefit a joinery business just as much.

Read on and find out why we think a joinery business may want to invest in an electric pallet jack.

We will examine if joinery carpentry are dying arts, or if there is still a use for them in today's modern world

Joinery And Carpentry – A Dying Art?

The Importance of Joinery

A joiner is an artisan who builds things by joining pieces of wood, particularly lighter and more ornamental work than a carpenter. Historically wood was used to build most things. As such joinery and carpentry would have been a very important trade throughout the ages. But in today’s consumerist society, are people no longer willing to pay for a skilled worker?

tarmac glasgow

Advantages of Hiring a Contractor for Laying Tarmac in Glasgow

If you are considering upgrading your existing tarmac drive or switching to tarmac from a different material, you may want to know what the advantages are before committing to a decision. Tarmac has many advantages in itself but some people underestimate the skill that goes into the job and some think they can do the job themselves without any proper training. Here is why you should hire a contracting company to lay tarmac in Glasgow.

Orthodontists Glasgow may not need to wear a toolbelt like a joiner would.

What Do Joiners And Orthodontists Glasgow Have In Common?

It may seem a strange thought, but have you ever wondered what joiners and orthodontists Glasgow have in common? They seem like completely differing professions, however, they have more alike than you may have first suspected. We have delved into our minds and the internet to find what we think makes joiners and orthodontists so alike.

Read on and find out what these two very different industries have in common with each other.

Close up of a modern joiner tool being used on wood by a lime green glove covered hand.

How to Know the Difference between Joinery and Carpentry

What’s the difference between a joiner and a carpenter? Despite it sounding like the opening of a terrible dad joke, this is a question that both professionals are asked on a regular basis. Understandably, someone with no experience in woodwork is likely not to know the intricate details of each discipline. However, knowing the difference between joinery and carpentry could…