Double Glazing Glasgow: All You Need to Know

Double Glazing Glasgow

Double glazing gets quite a lot of attention, and rightly so, since they are one of the most important factors regarding energy efficiency in the home.  Did you know that the windows in the average house account for between 25-30% of the heat loss in your home?  This is a big chunk, so the more you can do to retain heat in your home by upgrading your windows the better.

Double Glazing Glasgow

Double Glazing Glasgow Focuses on Heat Loss

Almost all building companies and contractors recognise the need to further improve the efficiency of homes when it comes to heat retention.  In fact, it has become such an important factor that many buildings are now being designed with this at the forefront of the process.  The fact is that there is no point in spending lots of money on heat-generating systems if all that warmth is simply going to be lost through poor insulation, windows and doors.  Companies working with double glazing Glasgow usually advise homeowners on the benefits of retrofitting double glazing to older properties, and these customers will generally see huge improvements in heat retention and will, therefore, spend less on their energy bills.

Double Glazing Glasgow

How Does Double Glazing Work

Double glazing works by sandwiching a thin layer of air between two panes of glass.  The air gap acts as a buffer between the inside and outside air.  The outer pane of glass will naturally be cooler and the inside pane will be warmer and closer to the inside air temperature.  Since air is a relatively poor conductor of heat, it is really this part of the window system that does most of the work, not the glass itself.  Most modern double glazed windows actually use some kind of inert gas that has improved heat buffering qualities over air.

Double Glazing Glasgow

How To Choose Windows

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting double glazed windows.  Everything from the style, the type of glass, the type of frame and even the gas inside the window panes can be selected to your requirements.  Frames are usually the biggest question on people’s minds, and it usually revolves around the choice between PVC and wooden frames.  Some early double glazing systems had aluminium or metal frames, but these were dropped by manufacturers due to the fact that they conducted heat from the building and generated towards heat loss.


Further Benefits to Double Glazing Glasgow

Aside from just trapping more heat inside a home, double glazing has a few additional benefits to a property that make them a good investment.  One of these benefits is the additional security aspects that they bring.  Two panes of glass will always be harder to break than a single pane, so burglars will have a harder time gaining entry over a single glazed window.  They also have great noise suppression properties, so they can lower the outside noise levels from entering a home.  This benefit works both ways, which means you have additional privacy over single glazing windows.