Is Wood Craft Still Popular In The 21st Century?

A question that is sometimes thrown about within the construction industry is whether wood craft and traditional crafts are still popular within the 21st century. In short there is no simple answer to this but there are a number of contributing factors that all contribute to how popular wood craft is.

A Dying Art?

One major factor that is affecting carpentry and woodcraft is lack of skills and expertise. The industry is slowly but surely losing people within the industry as they go into different roles or failing to pass down their skills and expertise to younger generations. Another issue that is contributing to this problem is lack of education.

Traditionally many schools and colleges would teach carpentry as part of their curriculum. However as time has moved on increasingly schools are being pushed towards more digital alternatives such as graphic design which means that these important trades and skills are becoming rarer and less sought after within our society.

Popularity And Demand

In terms of popularity and demand there is still certainly a fairly strong demand for these skills. This is because increasingly wealthy people want something traditional or handcrafted as part of their property. As a result carpenters skills are often called upon to create models as well as ornate furniture or modifications to a property. This is great for this industry. However more needs to be done to ensure that this demand can be met as there are limited places where you can learn these skills as they are mostly passed down through family generations rather than through educational institution.

What Other Challenges Does The Industry Face?

As well as a major skills shortage another major issues that the carpentry and woodwork industry is facing is competition from abroad. Increasingly competition from different countries abroad is leading to larger businesses or clients awarding their contracts to countries and organisations abroad as they can often complete the work cheaper than UK based workers can.

However this is often done using industrial rather than traditional methods and this compromises on quality for quantity. In order to compete with these international rivals it is important for UK based carpenters to adopt a number of different strategies in order to attract leads. One of the best and most effective ways this can be done is through a process known as search engine optimisation (SEO)

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To conclude it is clear that a wide range of methods are needed in order to be successful in this niche industry and further education and revised courses should be introduced to make the skills more widespread.