What Are The Benefits Of Electric Heating?

Electric heating is extremely energy efficient as it only uses the power it needs to work, unlike gas systems. It’s also compatible with renewable energy sources and works with time-of-use rate plans.

It is also much safer than a gas system as it doesn’t produce flammable oils or flue gases. This reduces the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Energy Efficiency

Electric heating is considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of heating because it doesn’t produce flue gases that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere.

Electric heating systems also have fewer internal moving parts than gas or oil boilers and are said to last 50% longer, meaning that your maintenance costs will be significantly lower than other alternatives.

Electric heaters can also work well with time-of-use electricity rates, so that you’re able to heat your home during off-peak hours while reducing the demand for energy at peak times when fossil fuels are most needed.


Electric heating is a lot safer than gas systems because it doesn’t use any combustible fuel to create heat. This makes it much less likely to be a fire hazard in your home as long as you have the system properly installed by a qualified professional.

It’s also easier to install an electric heater into a home as there are no building codes that require it to be built into your walls like you have to do with a gas fireplace or boiler. This saves time and money when you’re doing renovations or a new build.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric heating systems are clean and environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any harmful by-products that result from combustion. They also don’t need to connect to a gas main and are compatible with renewable energy.

They can be powered by green electricity produced through renewable sources such as solar or wind power. They are also capable of storing energy through batteries, which makes them future-ready and can be used with home battery storage systems that are now becoming available.


Whether or not electric heating is the best option for you depends on your individual needs and climate. However, it’s important to remember whatever type of heat source you use, proper maintenance and system checks are necessary.


Electric heaters are very efficient, and the heat produced is utilised 80 to 100% as opposed to gas heating systems which only utilise 40-60% of their fuel. In addition, there is no unwanted heat transfer, and the heating happens at the point of utilisation.