Joinery And Carpentry – A Dying Art?

We will examine if joinery carpentry are dying arts, or if there is still a use for them in today's modern world

The Importance of Joinery

A joiner is an artisan who builds things by joining pieces of wood, particularly lighter and more ornamental work than a carpenter. Historically wood was used to build most things. As such joinery and carpentry would have been a very important trade throughout the ages. But in today’s consumerist society, are people no longer willing to pay for a skilled worker? Do they instead want quick, cheap, mass-produced products? Do we prioritise product and profit over quality and skill? We will discuss whether or not joinery and carpentry is a dying art.

Is there still a use for carpenters and joiners or is it a dying art?

Is Joinery and Carpentry a Dying Art?

With the introduction of CNC (computer numerical control), which is the automated control of machine tools by means of a computer, in which an NC machine operates on a piece of material to transform it to precise specification, it would make sense to think that joinery and carpentry is a dying art. But is that the case today? Obviously, advances in technology would threaten some jobs, but the reality is that there are still lots of skilled woodworkers around today. Furniture made by hand would be much more desirable for a lot of people. These people would be willing to pay more money for these items than a mass-produced one. But this is not the only job that joiners and carpenters do.


Other Uses For Joiners and Carpenters

Joiners don’t just make small wooden items or handcrafted furniture. They are mostly used in major construction projects. Here, the industry turns over an estimated £3.8billion per annum. Over 5,000 firms supply crafted staircases, doors, windows, and furniture in both private and commercial building projects. Although the invention of CNC would threaten some, CNC is unable to build a house from scratch. This strengthens the argument that joiners and carpenters will always be needed, and is not a dying trade. Even if no new houses are being built, renovations are always being carried out on people’s homes. This would require the skill of a joiner or carpenter.

Joiners and Carpenters are still required for construction of homes so it is not a dying art.

The Future for Joiners and Carpenters

In the UK there is a lot of demand for joiners and carpenters and the same can be said for most countries. The reason for this is that a lot of young people do not want to get into the profession as they believe it is a dying art. This means that when all the old joiners and carpenters retire there will be a massive demand for new ones to take their place. The UK is currently in the grip of a housing shortage, and due to the lack of joiners and carpenters, they could start charging more money for their services. Joinery and carpentry is not a dying art. Far from it. And due to the lack of young people taking up the profession, now is a great time to start.