How Woodworm Treatment Specialists and Joiners Can Work Together

Close look at timber affected by woodworm and the area that will receive woodworm treatment.

Woodworm treatment specialists are responsible for the identification, extermination and prevention of wood-boring beetles found in households. From fixtures to floorboards, the average home is made up of 70% timber meaning that they are of great risk of woodworm. Joiners can often be called upon during a woodworm epidemic or at least after the house has been treated, as some of the furnishings may be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Richardson and Starling is a leading company in delivering property care which was established in 1935. Taking note of this Scottish business’s expertise, this article will highlight the main aspects of woodworm treatment and how joiners can assist in the restoration and recovery of a property suffering from woodworm.

Dark oak wood post woodworm treatment.

How Woodworm Affects the Home

Woodworm is the common name given to the larvae stage of wood-boring beetles, which as the name suggests, bore tunnels in timber. There are different types of woodworm but at the larvae stage of each kind, they burrow through the wood to feed and grow. The holes are so small it is very difficult for the untrained eye to spot. Unfortunately, woodworm can do serious damage to your timber and even make the property unsafe to live in. For example, the House Longhorn Beetle typically attacks roofing timbers and the sapwood of softwood. It will create massive, oval-shaped holes and an abundance of loose frass pellets. Naturally, the wood that is attacked becomes weakened and must be fixed. Standing on timber that has been badly affected and has not received woodworm treatment can become very dangerous.

Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Richardson and Starling is a leading property preservation and maintenance service in Scotland. This company have been in business for over eighty years and specialise in the identification, treatment and defence against common, but detrimental, property issues including woodworm. The team at Richardson and Starling can repair structurally affected timbers as well as clean and treat the affected surface. The great thing about this Scottish business is that all work carried out by them is covered by a thirty-year guarantee so you can rest assured any return infestation will be dealt with accordingly.

Man in high-viability vest stands over a table and clipboard taking notes on the profess of woodworm treatment.

Woodworm Specialists and Joiners

Joiners can be extremely useful during the process of exterminating woodworm from a property and recovering the timber that is damaged. If during the woodworm treatment process it is realised that there is a mass infestation, the property may need components entirely replaced, such as doors, furniture or stairs. A joiner specialises in these tasks and therefore could work closely with the woodworm specialists to ensure everything is replaced accordingly. Although Richardson and Starling are trained to replace the sections that have been directly affected by woodworm, there could be larger projects which could benefit from the assistance of a professional joiner.