We Buy Any House Scotland

we buy any house scotland

As we are in the property trade, we get asked very often about the general process of fixing up homes and buying and selling properties. While we don’t have all the answers, we do have a good idea of some of the things that it takes when you are buying and selling homes. We have been in a lot of properties over the years, some of them were getting full refurbishments, others were just getting a make-over, but almost always it the fine details that people tend to worry about when trying to sell their house. Selling a property can be tricky, and it is very often a long and drawn-out process that can take up to a year to finalise. We recently spoke to a home owner that said they were using an online home buyer to get a very fast sale as they were moving abroad. The company claimed – we buy any house Scotland has to offer and will pay fair prices for properties.

we buy any house scotland

We Buy Any House Scotland Service

There are a number of services out there like this, and while they all tend to operate in slightly different ways, the premise of what they do is fundamentally the same. They usually use an online valuation service to provide you with an initial offer, and if you are happy with this first offer, they will then arrange to come in and value the property in person, either with their own inhouse property surveyors or with one or several independent property evaluators. This allows them to compile a complete home report, off of which they can give you their final offer for your home. Sound pretty good, and the great thing is that they can usually buy your home in just a few weeks, but do they do as their slogan suggests? We buy any house Scotland has on the market is a bold claim, so lets look at why they are able to provide the service they do.

we buy any house scotland

Less Than Market Value

This is biggest part that we want homeowners to understand before they go wanting their time on these types of services. Yes they can buy your home in a very short time frame, however the trade off for using their service is that they only offer you up to 80% of the market value for your home. If time is very precious to you, then this may be a good approach, however if you are trying to get the full amount for your home that you can, these online home buyers will not be able to provide this.


No Fees

This is one of the biggest benefits to the service. There are all sorts of fees that are associated with selling a home, and these can really put a dent in your final price that you get for your home. With online buyers, they usually offer to take care of all fees and paperwork from thier end on your behalf. Of course this amount is included in your home sale price, but it is good for people who don’t want to have to deal with the fee process.