Some Woodworking Tools Used by Joinery and Carpentry Services

woodworking tools for joiners and carpenters


In the joinery and carpentry sector, some of the work carried out requires similar tools from both trades. Although a joiner is more likely to use woodworking tools to make doors and build items, a carpenter may need to use woodworking tools for fitting the items. Woodworking tools are required for both trades because in order to make doors and fit doors you need to be able to use the right equipment to ensure the work can be carried out properly. For example, some of the woodworking tools used by joiners and carpenters are:

  • Chisels
  • Claw hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Retractable tape measures

woodworking tools chisel carving wood with chisel

Why Chisels are Used as Woodworking Tools


Some of the woodworking tools that are needed by joiners and carpenters are both handheld and mechanical tools. A chisel is a handheld tool that you use to clear any waste from leftover wood to make its surface is smooth. Chisels come in a range of sizes and levels of sharpness to help you to clear as much wood out as possible so that there is no residue left behind. This ensures that there is a clean finish for all wood items because there are no pieces of wood that are left looking untidy.


Claw Hammers


Another woodworking tool used by both joiners and carpenters is a claw hammer. Although there are many types of hammers that you can get one of the most popular types is the claw hammer. This is because they are the easiest to use and come in a range of sizes and weights. The claw at the end is useful as it means you can pull out screws more easily without having to use a number of tools.

woodworking tools screwdriver different sizes for screws



A screwdriver is another popular tool that everyone has in their home regardless if you are a joiner or a carpenter. This is because screwdrivers are needed for even simple things such as, taking batteries out of a toy or tightening a screw that is loose on an item. Screwdrivers come in many shapes and sizes to help you tighten even the smallest of screws that need to be adjusted.


Retractable Tape Measures


Retractable tape measures are used because they are more useful when you have to measure something that is high up on a wall. These are also great to use because they are more accurate when it comes to taking measurements. For example, once you get the right measurement you can lock the tape at the specific size you need.