Why a Joinery Business May Want to Invest in an Electric Pallet Jack

This joiner pictured would benefit from an electric pallet jack.

As a joiner, you will have spent your working life investing in the right tools in order to provide a high-quality finish for your clients. However, the manual labour involved in your line of work can often put a strain on your body, in particular, your back and neck. Pain can develop for many joiners due to tasks like heavy lifting or moving machinery from A to B. Although an electric pallet jack is most often used in industries like warehousing or storage, we feel that it could ultimately benefit a joinery business just as much.

Read on and find out why we think a joinery business may want to invest in an electric pallet jack.

Project Time Constraints

One of the most stressful factors for a joinery business can be trying to complete projects within time constraints stipulated by their client. With this in mind, you need to try to find ways to speed up the tedious processes so that you can spend more time providing a brilliant finish on your joinery work. An electric pallet jack will speed up the process of moving machinery or materials from your van to the location of the work and will make these items easier to transport.

A small red and black example of an electric pallet jack.

Lifting Heavy Equipment or Materials

Heavy lifting is one of the most strenuous parts of any job which involves manual labour, like joinery. Every day, joiners will have to lift extremely heavy pieces of equipment or materials and so on. This can cause injuries or long-term illnesses like Repetitive Strain Injury. An electric pallet jack will take the strain away from the joiners who are working by taking the heavy loads. The pallet jacks are also incredibly easy to manoeuvre so workers will not experience any strain either in the lifting or the moving. As we have already stated, the level of ease which an electric pallet jack will provide will mean jobs are completed quickly, and more safely.

For Smaller Workshops, Fewer Fumes

The last benefit of investing in an electric pallet jack is that it produces very few fumes or smells. When working in confined spaces, machinery like hydraulic pallet lifts can be more dangerous or simply annoying as they are loud and produce strong fumes. An electric pallet jack, on the other hand, is small, quiet and virtually odourless. This means you will not be affected while trying to get your work done.

A small, neon yellow example of an elecrtic pallet jack.