What Are Overhead Cranes Used For?

If you’re wondering what overhead cranes are used for, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers what they’re used for in the auto assembly line, semiconductor manufacturing, food and drink industries, and refineries. But what else can overhead cranes do? Here’s a brief rundown:

In Refineries

Overhead cranes are used extensively in the refinement of steel and other metals. These equipment’s can handle large quantities of metal at every stage of the manufacturing process. For example, the process of turning raw materials into hot metal involves using overhead cranes to pour the metal into a furnace. Once the metal is hot, the cranes roll the metal to a desired thickness. Afterwards, the cranes lift the finished coils, which are then loaded onto trucks or trains. Overhead cranes are also used by fabricators and stampers of steel, as well as the automobile industry.

Food And Drink Industry

Overhead cranes are industrial machinery used for moving heavy objects and materials. These cranes use overhead space to help transport loads safely. Overhead cranes come in many shapes and sizes and their components can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a business. Overhead cranes help increase productivity by making lifting and moving heavy materials and equipment easier and faster.

Semiconductor Industry

In the semiconductor industry, overhead cranes are commonly used to transport and lift heavy components. The semiconductor industry demands controlled environments and hygienic lifting solutions. Overhead cranes must be clean and precise to prevent contamination of the assembled components. In addition, the semiconductor industry requires cranes to meet strict particulate content and cleanroom standards.

Refinement Of Metals

Overhead cranes are used for many different functions at the refinement of metals, from handling raw metal to re-melting finished product. The types of overhead cranes available vary in size and load capacity, and they can range from a light industrial version resembling a public utility truck to a heavy industrial model that runs on tracks. Many of these cranes also feature load second indicators. These load-second indicators use specialized sensors to give the operator a true sense of the crane’s working state.

Hiring A Crane

Many companies and organisations will hire or rent cranes from manufacturers for periods of time for a specific service. It is important to carry out some research before choosing a crane hire company to ensure they are reliable and authorised to do so. You should also have an idea of what kind of crane you are looking for, based on the service you will be using it for. Professionals can also give you advice on which crane your business needs.