What You Should Do If You Are Unhappy with Your Joinery Work

Close up of a joinery workshop with a man slicing into wood.

At AA Joinery, we pride ourselves in being expert joiners as well as providing an excellent, friendly service. Leaving our customers happy is our number one priority so if anything is ever less than 100% right, we are more than happy to do whatever it takes to resolve it. Most tradespeople feel the same way, however, there are some out there who are not as easy to deal with, as is the same in any industry. Over the years we have been asked by various friends, relatives and acquaintances how to deal with a joiner who has delivered insufficient work or a poor customer service. Although different circumstances will rely on different resolutions, we recommend following these hints and tips when you are unhappy with your joinery work.

Drill moving into wood in a joinery workshop.

Speak to the Joiner Directly

In the first instance, you should take the personal approach. Speak to the joiner who carried out the work. Most tradespeople rely on their reputation to get more customers, therefore will be willing to redo something if their customer isn’t fully happy with it. Depending on what the issue is, you could that this resolves everything quietly without much fuss. However, if you feel that you cannot speak to your joiner due to poor customer service skills then you may have to speak to their employer. If the circumstance arises where you have spoken to the company or employer and have received no help, you need to get in touch with the trade association that governs your joiner.


Refer to Your Contract

Before agreeing to hire any tradesperson it is beneficial to have a contract that explicitly states what is expected and what will happen if something goes wrong. Whether it is that the joiner will redo the work or that you do not have to pay, every decent contract should have something noted to allow you a resolution.

Man kneeling on top of sheets of wood in his joinery workshop.

Seeking Help Elsewhere

Within extreme cases, speaking to a third party is required to resolve dissatisfaction with joinery work. There are some official bodies, such as Citizens Advice, who can assist you if you are extremely unhappy with the services you have paid for. There are also mediation agencies you can attend, if your joiner is willing to discuss the issue, or you could speak to a private solicitor if you have one.